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Next morning, after having breakfast with the family, I went outside, for a walk.

As I was coming outside, I started hearing booming sounds from in the forest.

"What the...?" I said when I heard them.

I started flying over there, to see what was going on.

In a small, rocky field in the middle of the forest was Cereleok, who was coughing like hell.

I landed in the field, when he then breathed one of his fireballs away from me in one big cough.

"Cereleok, whats wrong?" I asked.

"Ohh....hh...h *cough* hello conqueror, I *cough 2x* am choking on I a..*cough* assume is my morh..hhh. morning meal *cough*!"

"Damn, that sucks. Here, let me help you." I responded as I went up to him, and patted him in the back, kind of hard.

Then, in one final, violent cough, he launched a fireball of his, in my direction, at me, by accident. I was hit. I got sent flying away from him. It hurt kind of at first, but I felt no injury. I began to feel... kind of warmer inside and all around, like it didn't affect me at all, as I got up.

"Oh lord, Lukas, I am ever so penitent for what I have just committed!"

"It's okay, I know you didn't mean it. And I'm okay."

"Ah... good. I feel much better, the food probably went down the wrong pipe if you know what I'm talking abo.....  oh heavens, this is very odd."

"What?" I asked.

"Forgive me, but your red markings appear to be glowing!" he said.

I then looked at my red markings all over my body, he was right, they were all glowing bright. I also felt warmer inside.

"What the hell?" I said.

Cereleok stood in astonishment.

"Do you know what's going on?" I asked him, with a bit of anxiety began building up in me.

"I am not sure, conqueror! But I do believe that I've seen this before!"

"You have, with who?" I asked in a worried tone as I kept staring at my now glowing markings on my arms.

"Only other night furies. No other dragons have this happen to them. That is partially why they are the most fascinating of all dragon species."

"Do you know what it means?"

"From what I have observed with other fellow night furies who have glowing markings, it might mean that you have a special ability aside from all the characteristics of a normal night fury."

My eyes opened wide.

"A special ability? Like a superpower?"

"Well not really, but I guess you could refer to it as such."

"How do you think I perform this ability?"

"I am not very sure. Try doing something, like flapping your wings, or spitting fire, you never know, I cannot predict ones own ability based upon the color of their marks."

So I tried flapping my wings, nothing except being lifted off the ground a bit. My markings still glowed.

I then faced at a boulder that was two times the size of Cereleok. I took a deep breath, then exhaled wildly to launch a fireball.


Whoa. The fireball was ridiculously powerful, a lot faster and more powerful, and larger. The explosion was tremendous, and as for the boulder I fired at, there was no boulder anymore, but a lot of falling rubble everywhere though.

I also didn't feel as warm as I just was. I also felt like I just released a ton of energy out of me. I looked at my markings, they were no longer glowing.

"What the damn just happened?"

"Oh great almighty, this is very new! You just released a large fireball. I believe that it has something to do with your markings glowing."

"I follow you on that." I said.

"Hm, I shall return in a minute more." he said as he went out to pickup a nearby tree, and put it right in front of me. He then breathed a very small flame on it that ignited the entire tree.

"Lukas, place your arm on the burning tree." he said.

So I did, and then I began to feel warm again, starting from my arm, then spreading out to the rest of my body. My markings glowed again.

I launched another fireball, at a nearby rockwall, same effect as last time.

"Oh my god, I think I know what's going on!" I said as I tried it again.

"This is very interesting! It appears that your markings absorb searing heat when it comes to direct contact with it, then releases it by transferring all the thermal energy to your fireballs, thus adding power and intensity to the blasts. Dear heavens!"

"So you're saying that I can absorb heat to make my fireballs more powerful?"

"I concur that is the case."

I began to feel excited by this newly discovered ability of mine.

"This is AWESOME!!!!!"

"I can tell you are happy with it! You should be, for you are gifted with such an incredible power. I tell you now, that much envy is generating inside me!"

I laughed a little bit, for that, and from my excitement of this damn good power of mine.

I quickly began to fly back to my cave, I couldn't wait to tell everyone about this.

To be continued.............

So yeah, tonight, I was feeling MUCH better than I was a couple nights ago. Therefore, I got my inspiration and creativity back, and was now able to write this chapter!


Apparently, I have now discovered that I have an amazing power, and that these red markings are not just on my skin just to be there.


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